Frithville Primary School

Frithville Primary is a tiny rural School in Lincolnshire with 60 pupils, 2 classes and a small team of incredibly hard working teachers and teaching assistants. My children spent 4 very happy years there and particularly enjoyed Mrs Parsons own brand of creative teaching and Mrs Gilding’s ambitious and often messy art activities. The school has a positive approach to engaging parents and a welcoming ‘open door’ policy which was happily extended to an ex-parent with a bag of sheep’s wool!

Gosberton House School

Gosberton House School is a specialist primary school mainly for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The school provides a primary education for children with a range of specialist needs including learning, communication, sensory and social. I supported the school  as their Creative Agent from 2009 to 2011 and became very attached to its staff and children. I was very fortunate to work with Anne Guthrie, a fantastic Lead Teacher who made me cake and has helped me to understand the complexities and rewards of working with ASD children. I spent an enjoyable morning  making felt balls with class 6.

Kesteven and Sleaford High School

Kesteven and Sleaford High School is a girl’s grammar school with a specialism in visual arts. It aims to be ‘a centre of excellence through an innovative, creative community committed to developing successful citizens with a lifelong passion for a broad range of arts.’ It also has a fabulously enthusiastic Head of Textiles, Christine Hilcoat, who rips though her department with the energy of a whirlwind and is always happy to whip up a frenzy for a feltmaking project. QR-3D was embraced wholeheartedly to the extent that a year 7 history class was seconded to join the effort.


Fulbridge School is the subject of many of my blog posts and a constant source of inspiration. It is a large primary school in Peterborough hosting 700 pupils from over 30 different countries. The school provides an exciting and varied creative curriculum and boasted the status of a National School of Creativity. As the school’s Creative Agent I have a team of ‘Mini Agents’ on tap who not only helped me to create a ‘how to guide’ for making felt balls but took on the mission to engage class mates in the QR-3D effort and to keep me updated on Twitter. I am very grateful to class teacher Ben Erskine who doubled output by asking for more supplies to be posted!

The Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery

Since 2010 I have volunteered at the Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery helping to install exhibitions and to deliver ‘Big Draw’ family activities. I approached Senior Curator Nigel Blackamore with the offer of some training in the art of making felt balls using a tenuous link to the exhibition that he was showing at the time of my QR-3D mission. ‘Bog~Mawnog’ included work from artist Pip Woolf who’s Woolen Line project has used felt to heal the eroded peat bog of Pen Trumau. Once trained and with meticulous attention to detail, Nigel instigated a staff felt making session which was very well received! Efforts were rewarded with chocolate brownies and Bakewell slices.

The Caravan Gallery

After a long-standing arts crush on the Caravan Gallery I got my chance to work with them at Fulbridge School during their first year as a School of Creativity. I visited the mustard gallery itself  when it pitched up outside the National Theatre during the Watch this Space festival in July 2011. I took the opportunity to exchange some wool for a tour and found that Jan Williams was almost as taken by the gift as she was her crocheted baked beans from Cambridge!

The Mighty Creatives Lincolnshire Team

To mark the end of the Creative Partnerships programme I met with my fellow Lincolnshire Creative Agents for a final team meeting. During a short interlude before we were treated to homemade celebratory cheese cake I seized the opportunity to set up an impromptu felt making session in the garden!
I am also very grateful to independent researcher Dr Amy Jane Barnes who used the Mini Agent’s ‘How to’ film to make a postal contribution of perfectly formed balls!
Huge thanks also goes to my fabulous children Jude and Abigail who have fitted felt making around eating, sleeping, school and telly watching!

A crowd sourced 3D techno-textiles triumph


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  1. Fern
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 15:47:10

    What a fab blog !! Loving it and your ideas.


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