Why Blog?

I started writing this blog in May 2010 after being issued a challenge by Ewan McIntosh at a virtual network training day facilitated by Creativity Culture and Education. Ewan is a teacher, speaker and investor; he is regarded as one of Europe’s foremost experts in digital media for public services. The challenge was to embrace something new for an hour a day for one hundred days and to use new technology to document and reflect on the experience.

As a kinaesthetic learner I was attracted by the challenge of learning through doing and was also seduced by the promise of a prize! I decided to explore social media; I wanted to know how different spaces are used, for what and by whom. I was also interested in how my 100 hours could impact on the way in which I support the young people, teachers and practitioners I work with to use new technologies as a tool for documenting, reflecting and sharing their creative learning.

The challenge has had a huge and unexpected impact on my practice and I use this blog to document, reflect and share. Beyond my initial investment of 100 hours I continue to reap the benefits of random encounters in a virtual world. I have recently completed a post graduate study that investigates if social media-led projects developed by artists are challenging the traditional models of participation in the arts. The study was informed by my adventures in digital environments through my online project We Found Art and by participating in 52 by 52 and QR-3D . I am thrilled that it has received interest nationally from a-n and the national society of education in art and design.


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