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The adventures of ‘Dog Charity Shop Boy’ have been reported over on my Flickr page but I thought they deserved some Thinking Bridge space too!

Back in the autumn, my son Jude and I were thrilled to discover that The Caravan Gallery were putting together a book of other people’s pictures. In the blink of an eye we grabbed Jude’s camera and set off to scour the streets of Boston in Lincolnshire to look for the perfect shot!

Jude found a sign for a Dog Charity Shop and quickly snapped it, eager to visit the establishment itself in the hope that I would let him choose and take home a second hand dog! He was very disappointed to find that the shop in his words ‘was just a load of old lady clothes!’ (Through the eyes of a 39 year old, it’s a treasure trove not of dogs but up-cycled items waiting to be re-homed!)

Undeterred Jude emailed his photo and hoped for the best. On Christmas day, he opened a small flat parcel and was thrilled to discover that it was a copy of ‘The Caravan Gallery Presents Other People’s Pictures’ with his photo printed on page 56!

Armed with his book, Jude decided that an impromptu personal appearance was in order and revisited his sign and the Dog Charity Shop. Bemused customers looked on as he posed for photos with Kevin the shop manager!

I was very excited to have photographs included in the book too, but on this occasion was very happy to be overshadowed by the creative genius of Jude!